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With a Dog in Bed, Your Best Choice is Bamboo Sheets

With a dog in bed, your best choice is bamboo sheets.A dog in bed is something more than half of canine owners enjoy because of emotional benefits that translate into a good night’s sleep. If you enjoy sleeping with your dog, bamboo sheets can be advantageous to you.

With a Dog in Bed, Bamboo Sheets can Give You Several Advantages

Having a dog sleeping in bed with you is generally a good idea because of the known release of oxytocin hormones, which promote feelings of happiness. However, sleeping with your dog can also bring about certain issues. First of all, canines shed hair that can become attached to the bedding. With bamboo bed sheets, this is not much of a problem thanks to the tight twill weave of the fibers, which will prevent dog hairs becoming embedded in the fabric.

We know dogs smell, but do we really know why? For the same reason we do: Bacteria that breaks down protein molecules from the subcutaneous tissue to the epidermis. Since bamboo rayon sheets tend to resist the formation of bacterial colonies in the fibers, you will not have to worry about lingering canine odor.

Puppies and playful dogs will paw at your bedding, but you should not let this preclude you from allowing a dog in bed. The tight twill weave of bamboo rayon fabric will prevent dog claws from getting snagged on loose fibers. Cat owners can also take advantage of bamboo viscose sheets; domestic felines are known to arbitrarily jump in bed and start clawing at the bedding. The durability of bamboo viscose fabric is highly ideal in households with pets.

When You Have a Dog Sleeping in Bed with You, You Will Have to Deal with Dog Hair in Your Bedding

Dogs shed hair for the same reasons humans do. When hair strands grow to a certain length, they will fall off to make room for new ones. Since canines have a lot more fur than we do, we will definitely notice this from a dog sleeping in bed. One way to minimize this is through brushing sessions before bedtime. Naturally, the brushing should take place outside of the bedroom.

If your dog has a nice and lush coat of fur thanks to periodic shampoo sessions, getting rid of hair on the bedding should be pretty easy. Place an extra flat sheet on top and use a lint roller to pick up whatever strands your dog in bed had lost overnight. The shampooing is important in this regard because it is easier to pick up silky hairs than greasy ones.

Finally, to completely get rid of any hairs that may have become attached to your bedding, be sure to place your sheets in the spin dryer for about a minute prior to putting them in the washer. Doing this will shake off excess hairs before the wash cycle. With bamboo sheets, you do not have to worry about using laundry softener because they are naturally soft. However, you can add fragrance, if you wish, during the rinse cycle.

Sleeping with Your Dog Can Have Various Pros and Cons

We know that keeping canine and feline pets is ideal for families, particularly in households with children. The companionship bonds that form from having your dog in bed are mutually beneficial, but there are some risks that merit discussion.

Allergies will always be the main concern. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America warns pet owners who suffer from seasonal histamine reactions that their conditions may worsen if they sleep with their pets. In some cases, increasing the dosage of antihistamine medications may help, but only temporarily.

Not all dogs will enjoy sleeping with their human companions. Some of them may become restless, which will in turn interrupt sleep cycles. Pets with independent characters will look for an open bedroom door in the middle of the night so that they can walk around or feed. It is better not to push them into sleeping with you in this case.

Your Dog in Bed and Bamboo Sheets Go Well Together

With all the above in mind, it is important to remember that bamboo sheets can improve the experience of sleeping with your dog. Once you weigh the pros and cons of letting dogs in your bed, the next step should be to choose some bamboo bedding that is right for you.


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