Eczema: How Bamboo Sheets can Help

Eczema: How Bamboo Sheets Can HelpEczema is a topical condition that is more accurately described as dermatitis because it involves inflammation of the skin. There are various types of eczema, and bamboo sheets can alleviate their irritating symptoms in many cases. In the United States, the National Eczema Association estimates that 1 in 10 Americans will suffer dermatitis episodes at least once in their lives.

Types of Eczema

Dermatologists classify this skin condition under seven types of dermatitis:

  • Contact: This is one of the most common types of eczema. It is the result of skin coming into contact with irritants or allergens.
  • Neurodermatitis: This condition involves superficial trauma caused by impulsive scratching of localized spots.
  • Seborrheic: Many babies develop this condition, which is also known as cradle cap. It is due to a temporary glandular disorder but it may also affect adults for longer periods.
  • Stasis: Varicose eczema is the result of fluid and blood leaking from tortuous capillaries.
  • Nummular: Localized dehydration of the skin will often result in this condition, which presents round-shaped lesions.
  • Dyshidrosis: Of all the types of eczema, this one is one of the least understood. It mostly occurs on the hands and fingers, and it is not necessarily related to sweating as its name suggests.

Dermatologists can only formulate an adequate eczema treatment after they determine the type as well as causal agents.

How to Manage Eczema

Skin rashes are often triggered by external or autonomous factors. Patients may not be aware of these factors until after diagnosis. This is often the case with neurodermatitis, which in many patients results from feelings of anxiety that result in absent-minded scratching. Typical triggers of contact dermatitis are smoke, household cleaners, itchy fabrics, and a few metals. Avoiding such triggers is a crucial aspect of eczema treatment.

Rashes are common to all types of eczema but other symptoms will vary from one patient to another. This is why symptomatic relief will also differ. When rashes cause severe dryness of the skin, for example, moisturizing creams can help. Steroid ointments can curb excessive inflammation. Antihistamines can decrease itching sensations and help patients sleep at night.

Skin irritation is often at the heart of eczema. You can suffer from dyshidrosis and develop contact dermatitis on top of existing lesions if you expose your skin to irritants. It is for this reason that keeping your body and your environment free from allergens and irritants, which are trigger factors, is vital when dealing with this condition. Think about all the hours you spend in bed. This is definitely a place you want to keep free of dermatitis triggers.

How Bamboo Sheets Can Help You Get Relief from Eczema

When you suffer from dermatitis, the last thing you want to do is sleep in bedding that can further irritate or chafe the skin. The fabric properties of bamboo sheets make them ideal for patients with sensitive skin that is prone to rashes. Bamboo rayon sheets are smooth to the touch and highly breathable. With the moisture-wicking and ventilating qualities of bamboo bed sheets, patients who suffer from skin diseases can get the relaxing sleep they need to feel better.

Virtually all types of skin disorders present a risk of infection, particularly when lesions break the epidermal layer. This problem can exacerbate at night if you sleep in bedding that attracts bacteria and allows colonies to form. Bamboo sheets do not have this problem because they reduce the ability of bacteria to colonize in the fabric. Having less bacteria in your bedding can help to prevent skin infection.

The moisture-wicking properties of bamboo bed sheets also prevent dust mites from establishing colonies. As you probably know, these tiny arachnids do not actually bite. However, their equally microscopic droppings can cause irritation and trigger dermatitis outbreaks. Since dust mites need moisture to survive, they will not feel at home with bamboo rayon sheets.

Bamboo Sheets can Help You Live with Eczema

With all the above in mind, we highly recommend a bamboo sheet set for those who suffer from eczema. This kind of bedding can prevent eczema lesions from flaring up and can prevent infection and irritation.


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