Bamboo sheets feel soft and luxurious while keeping you cool and comfortable all night long. They can certainly contribute to a higher quality of life by helping you get better sleep. Stay awhile and learn more about this life-changing type of bed sheet.

Can You Use a Steamer on Bamboo Sheets?

Steamers can be safely used on bamboo sheets. Please use proper care when steaming your bamboo bedding so as not to accidentally damage them. Here are a few tips for getting rid of wrinkles on your bamboo bed sheets by using a garment steamer.

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Hotels can Benefit Their Guests by Using Bamboo Sheets

Hotels and lodges need to provide unforgettable guest experiences. Their directors and managers know that the right bedding configuration can make a significant difference. Bamboo sheets can go a long way in putting together a luxurious sleeping environment. Let us review a few situations involving travelers who can really appreciate seeing bamboo rayon sheets at…

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How Hospital Beds Can Benefit from Bamboo Sheets

Hospital beds can be improved by using bamboo sheets on them. This type of bedding can add comfort to those being confined to a nursing bed and can aid in their recovery. Let us explore why bamboo bed sheets are an excellent choice for a patient bed.

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Staying in a Motel? Bring Your Own Bamboo Sheets!

If you find yourself staying in a motel, a good night’s sleep is important for rest and restoration. Reasons for a stayover at a motel can include long road trips, a stopover after camping in the woods, or the need for temporary accommodation due to severe family quarrels. During lengthy travels or times of distress,…

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Organically Grown Bamboo Makes the Best Bamboo Sheets

Organically grown bamboo makes the best raw material for producing bamboo sheets. These are better for your comfort, your health, and the environment. Farmers of this naturally grown bamboo use various agricultural techniques to ensure that their cultivation and harvesting processes are not only eco-friendly but also healthier to consumers. In the case of bedding,…

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Dorm Room Essentials: Why Bamboo Sheets?

Dorm room essentials will include bedding, which college students should think about when they are getting ready for the new academic semester. You may want to consider bamboo sheets as dorm necessities. So, here are a few reasons to add them to your dorm essentials list.

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Cotton Sheets vs Bamboo Sheets

Cotton sheets have been standards of bedding for centuries. Whenever you see people shopping for bedding items, there is a good chance that they already have cotton sheets in mind. In many cases, shoppers look for flannel or jersey sheets, for example, without being fully aware these are actually textile products made with cotton. In…

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Disposing Old Bedsheets When You Get New Bamboo Sheets

Disposing old bedsheets and pillowcases may be something that you are thinking about after having experienced the cooling effects and luxurious feel of your new bamboo sheets against your skin. It is not eco-friendly to throw them in the trash because they will end up in a landfill. So, here are eight sustainable ideas to…

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Better Sleep for Children with Bamboo Sheets

Better sleep for children is something that should always be on the minds of all parents. Children are expected to develop healthy sleeping habits, but it is up to parents to learn about the right things to help a child sleep. We know that numerous pediatric studies underscore the importance of sleep in the adequate…

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