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How to Help Your Bamboo Sheets to Last Longer

How to help your bamboo sheets to last longerIf you are looking for bedding that will last longer, bamboo sheets are an excellent choice. In addition to durability, bamboo bed linen provides superior comfort to people whose body temperatures tend to rise during their sleep cycles. Moreover, they are hypoallergenic, and they can keep you dry at night thanks to their breathable properties. While it is true that bamboo rayon sheets with tight twill weave can last longer, you should follow proper fabric care guidelines and recommendations in order to get the most out of them.

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A Hot Summer Can Be Too Hot: How Bamboo Sheets Can Help

A Hot Summer can be Too Hot: How bamboo sheets can helpA hot summer is excellent for enjoying the outdoors. Spending time with your family enjoying the things you love builds precious memories that will stay with you forever. If you are fortunate enough to have an air conditioner, it is easy to keep everyone comfortable during the long hot summer. However, if you do not have one or want to save on your summer cooling bills, those hot summer nights can be unbearable.


Eczema: How Bamboo Sheets can Help

Eczema: How Bamboo Sheets Can HelpEczema is a topical condition that is more accurately described as dermatitis because it involves inflammation of the skin. There are various types of eczema, and their irritating symptoms can be alleviated with bamboo sheets in many cases. In the United States, the National Eczema Association estimates that 1 in 10 Americans will suffer dermatitis episodes at least once in their lives.